Utah County Resources

Home to about 600,000 people, Utah County is one of the youngest and fastest growing counties in the country. It has three school districts, two universities, and dozens of parks. It’s home to Utah Lake and the southern portion of the Wasatch Front, providing amazing recreational opportunities. From American Fork down to Payson and throughout the county, you’ll find tightly knit family-oriented neighborhoods with friendly, compassionate residents.


Utah County is relatively affluent, but approximately 1 in 8 residents still live below the poverty line. There’s still more work to do, in other words. Beyond individual efforts to help each other out, Utah County and its local communities have established several organizational resources to promote stronger, healthier households. We wanted to shine an even brighter light on these organizations and help residents find the services they need to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.


Need help with food, housing, healthcare, and/or education? Do you have a family that’s struggling to meet its basic living needs? Do you have a family that’s making ends meet but also nothing leftover for nurturing your child with better learning opportunities? Do you have a little extra time and motivation and you’re wondering how you can give back to your community? Are you looking for specific opportunities in volunteer programs?


Utah County Resources can help connect you to the best possible programs for your own needs and resources. Take a look at our roundup of County Departments and Community Organizations to find the right landing spot for your situation.


Author: Ellen Richards