Community Action Services and Food Bank Seeks Families Needing Food

The Provo-based Community action Services and Food Bank provides the tools required to lift residents out of poverty. They work to stabilize the individual, then to rebuild their life. Founded in 1967, the agency has worked to stabilize individuals by meeting basic critical needs, like food and housing, while supplying long-term solutions to rebuild their financial and social lives. Each year, the non-profit organization provides food for several hundred families across the state as part of their STAR Days event, which takes place in late July.

This year, Community Action Services partnered with Feed the Children and STAR Touring & Riding to distribute more than 80,000 pounds of food. The statewide food distribution event seeks low-income families who could benefit from the service. According to the press release, the non-profit organization sought 400 families who have an income of less than 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has set the 2018 Federal Poverty Level at $25,100 annual income for a family of four.

Vouchers for food and household items are distributed one week before the event begins. Families are instructed to bring their vouchers to claim their boxes, which are valued at approximately $450 per family.

According to Karen McCandless, the executive director of Community Action Services and Food Bank, hunger is a serious problem in the Utah Valley community. ”13% of our friends and neighbors experience food insecurity, including more than 29,000 children,” she said in a statement. ”But we can make a difference and end hunger, especially with help from groups like STAR Touring & Riding.”

Though the 2018 STAR Days occurred recently, community members can nominate families for the 2019 event. To do so, contact Community Action Services and Food Bank at 801-373-8200.


Author: Ellen Richards